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Artist makes 3D painting using 500,000 toothpicks

Chinese Toothpicks Artist 38-year-old Liu Xuedong discovered his artistic side quite late in life, during a serious mid-life crisis. He wasn’t happy with his job as a security guard in China’s Jilin Province, but instead of whining about it, he taught himself how to create art with toothpicks. Inspired by hundreds of how-to videos online,…
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Bathing Suit Cleans Polluted Water as You Swim

Thanks to this cool new two-piece bathing suit, cleaning up the world’s oceans might actually become the ‘in’ thing to do during the hot summer months! The 3D-printed Sponge Bathing Suit The 3D-printed Sponge Bathing Suit bikini is made of flexible, carbon-based filler materials that function like a sponge, absorbing all sorts of pollutants from…
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Oslo becomes the world’s first capital city to divest from fossil fuels

Oslo became first in the world to withdraw its investments in fossil fuel companies.  Oslo city leaders have announced that the capital will divest its L8 billion pension fund from coal, oil and gas companies, becoming the first capital city in the world to ban investments in fossil fuels. The Norwegian capital is leading by…
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