Travel to Ratua Private Island

Hidden within the pristine islands of Vanuatu is a little island paradise- Ratua Private Island

Ratua Private Island is a part of Vanuatu archipelago 83 islands with a unique blend of intact tribal communities, resorts, coconut fringed beaches, and geography ranging from accessible volcanoes and tropical rainforests, to waterfalls and pristine underwater environments.

Ratua Private Island is an idyllic venue for intimate weddings, honeymoons, corporate rest and recreation, or family getaways. It offers a unique eco-lodge and authentic pacific experience combined with its charming character that makes this destination appealing to passionate adventurers and nature lovers.

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Ratua Private Island Lodging

Thirteen villas are spread in three villages, each veiled with lush vegetation leading to its own private beach with breathtaking view of turquoise water while guests are limited up to 38 to preserve its natural surroundings and to ensure utmost privacy. 

Staying in any of its Indo-Oceania inspired villas which are handcrafted from 200-year old Indonesian teak houses is a celebration in itself!

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The villas in South Village and West Village can all be booked individually. Those in Fish Village are better for groups of people who know each other. There is also a private kitchen and dining area in Fish Village. For the other two villages the social meeting point is the Yacht Club with an open overwater dining room, a bar and a lounge. And there is also our Boathouse with all our boating, fishing and snorkeling gear that is available for the guests.

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Ratua Private Island has a subtropical climate, very hot between November and March and a bit cooler in June, July. But there is not that much of a difference, so all year round is perfect for a visit.

Exploring Ratua Private Island

Guests can explore the island by foot, electric buggy or horseback on one of the around 20 horses which run wild on Ratua. Different tours on the island and outside the island are available. One tour which is very popular with our guests is a visit of Aore Island. To get to the island you need to cross the lagoon and as the water is fairly deep you have to swim across with the horse. It is an amazing experience.

You can go explore the surrounding lagoons and reefs by snorkel. Or take a small boat to the blue holes, which are underground caverns that connect several amazing blue-water swimming holes.

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  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Communal Lounge
  • Over-water Fish Village Lounge (Ideal for small executive meetings/discussion table)
  • Over-water Spa
  • Private Beach
  • Cinema
  • Game Room
  • Business Center / Reception / Tour Desk
  • Coffee Shop
  • Watersports Facilities
  • Air Strip for small aircraft
  • Jetty for small boats

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Whist secluded from the modern world, Ratua offers wifi connection at its Yacht Club, the social hub of the island. The Game Room and Media Center provides computers with wireless Internet access and a GSM network covers the entire island.

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Rich cultural entertainments are offered in most nights in addition to the innate beauty of nature and starry skies that completes a magical day in paradise.

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On top of all these, Ratua Private Island is 100% non-profit. Proceeds are directed to the Ratua Foundation ( who aids in the literacy programs of primary schools in Vanuatu.

Travel to Ratua Private Island

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